EverBright Energy was created by Nania Energy to help Illinois residents and small businesses enjoy the same electricity supply savings that have been available to larger businesses for more than a decade.  We are able to offer you competitive prices on both natural gas and electricity for your home or small business.  

You have the power to choose your natural gas and electricity providers!

Residential Energy Supplier

Our trusted supplier has been helping thousands of customers control energy budgets through flexible and highly competitive pricing plans.  Switching is simple, too!  With a couple of mouse clicks and some basic information, we can provide you with pricing for your home or small business.

Switching Your Electricity Supply

EverBright Energy is a simple way to save money on your home or small business’ (less than 100kw of demand) electricity bills.  Not much changes once you make the switch, either.  You’ll still get one bill from your current utility (either ComEd or Ameren) and you’ll still call ComEd or Ameren with any customer service or emergency issues.  The only difference is you’ll be paying less for the energy you use.  

Ready to enroll?  It's simple!  Just click here to submit the quote form.  And we'll get back to you quickly with a rate and next steps!

Switching Your Natural Gas Supply

Residential Gas ProviderChoosing a supplier to provide your natural gas is just as easy as making the switch for electricity. The natural gas choice program gives EverBright Energy customers the opportunity to look at alternatives to your current utility rates. Nicor, Peoples Gas or North Shore Gas customers are eligible to switch their natural gas supply through EverBright Energy.

EverBright Energy offers several programs to meet your gas buying needs. EverBright Energy’s fixed rate programs (12-, 24- and 36-months) through our supplier can help you take control of your overall energy costs and allow you to always know what your natural gas rate will be. EverBright Energy's fixed rate is guaranteed regardless of the market conditions during the term of your contract.

Monthly variable rate programs are great for those who are less concerned with budget certainty and are willing to ride the market’s volatility. If you think gas prices might fall, or at least fluctuate enough on the low side to come out cheaper on average than a comparable fixed rated plan, then a variable rate plan might be best for you.

When you choose an alternative supplier for your natural gas supply, you are still a customer of your local utility.  They will continue to deliver natural as from your new supplier to your home.  They will also continue to perform meter readings, provide billing and respond to emergency situations.  You will also continue to receive one bill from your local utility.  It will look very similar to the one you currently receive.  The only change is that the bill will indicate your new supplier and your new supply charges.  The delivery charges from the utility will still appear on your monthly invoice.

Interested in what programs are available to you?  Click here to submit a quote form and a Customer Service Specialist will reach out to you.

Want to learn more? Visit our Residential FAQ page.

EverBright Energy's 24/7 customer service assistance:  877-333-EVER (3837)